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Lancashire Wedding Photographer

Congratulations on your engagement, I bet you are on cloud nine?

Now the journey begins on preparing your wedding and you have come across my website, welcome!

I am a Lancashire-based multi-published photographer having featured in multiple magaizines, showcasing real weddings and styled shoots. I have also featured via online publications.

with  100 weddings over a ten-year period under my belt, you can be confident in knowing that I am a very competent photographer.

What is my style?

I am all about the details, I take great care in capturing every possible details of your wedding from rings, flowers, and decorations. I also capture your day in a non-obtrusive manner so you can concentrate on your day and not worry about me telling you what to do. I know many of you hate having your photo taken so I like to make your day as easy as possible and just capture the moments as they happen. I am also a very passionate creative, meaning I like to find very unique angles and using flash to create amazing images you will want to add to your wall or album.

Posing is kept to a minumum as I like to capture natural moments though I may step in occasionally if I see a moment that needs just a little tweaking. I want to create the best possible photos for you and I take pride in every shot. When setting up creative shots, everything is prepared ahead of time and I only call you at the last minute, this means you are only away from your partying and guest for a few minutes at a time. 

This feature is not for everyone but that is something we can discuss during our consultation. One thing you need to remember, it is your wedding day, not a photoshoot.

I am a Guest.

Every wedding I attend, every guest at your wedding sees me another guest rather than the photographer. I like to fit into your day and have a laugh with everyone. I am a friendly chap and try to keep as lower a profile as possible. After all, you guys are the star of the show, not me!!!

Contacting me

Why not come and have a chat about your day, it costs nothing to talk to me and I am very approachable and keen to hear all about your vision for your wedding. You have quite a few ways of connecting with me. You can ring me for a chat or why not try the chat head at the bottom of the page. You can also fill in the contact details via the contact button below and I will respond as soon as I can. Please give me as many details about your wedding as the date and venue details and a way to contact you back. That way I am better placed to give you a quick quote for your day. 

You can also arrange a consultation to meet in person over a coffee, This I highly recommend as it gives us a chance to meet and get to know each other better. A photographer will be spending the whole day with you so it will be good if you can get along. This of course is non - obligatory so you will not be pressured in booking me straight away. I would prefer you shop around to find the right photographer.

 By the way - the coffees are on you lol !!!


Chelsea and Connor

5 stars is not enough to give mark, if anything I wish I could give more. He’s got a great creative eye and captured our wedding day perfectly! He worked so hard from start to finish. Highly recommended and fantastic price for the amount of work he puts in. Thank you Mark for everything and for joining us on our special day!

Beth ad Ross

Mark was absolutely amazing from start to finish, not only did he go above and beyond to ensure every single precious moment was captured perfectly he fit into the day like a glove! Couldn’t recommend him more

Jesse and Jodie

I would highly recommend Mark, from beginning to end he was very professional and so friendly! my partner was apprehensive of being photographed but Mark made her feel so at ease that she forgot the camera was following her lol.

not only did he make our day great fun, the photos are out of this world and we couldn't be happier. if you're looking for a photographer I urge you to book this one!

thanks again Mark, we can't stop flicking through our beautiful pictures!

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